Before she had even met me, Miriam went away and researched endometriosis and how she could support me. Advising me on exercises I could do to strengthen my core or how she could adapt exercises to my ability. You don't get that kind of service from many people in life. And I'll never forget that.


I've discovered that one of my favourite things in life is lifting heavy weights. 


Going to the gym and being coached by Miriam is one of my favourite hours of the week, it's my hour and it means the world to me. Would I recommend Miriam? Absolutely and without a doubt.

Tine 2018


I have been training with Miriam for 18mths so this review is well overdue!!

She’s is an excellent PT, taking the time to get to know her clients & their individual requires, managing to motivate & encourage without being overly pushy which I have previously experienced.

She is patient, compassionate & motivated to help you achieve your goals, making your lifestyle work for you rather than against.

Miriam will always go that extra mile to ensure her clients are keeping moving & motivated, she’s a credit to the fitness world & my life would’ve been much more dull this year had I not had her bubbly smile & chat to cheer me on each week

I’m so glad to not only have her as my PT but also my friend. 

Susan 2021


I have been training with Miriam once a week for just over two months now and I already feel a huge difference in my fitness and also my general health. I was so nervous and unmotivated about my fitness before I started with Miriam, but now I can’t wait for our weekly sessions. Miriam creates such a welcoming and positive environment, I cannot recommend her talents enough

Lucy 2020


Couldn’t have asked for a more understanding, committed and knowledgeable PT! Miriam is the absolute best (sorry all other PTs in the world)! We have been working together since mid 2018 and my strength and stamina have improved massively, which is exactly what I wanted. Miriam has been super accommodating of my needs and she always wants me to get the most out of our time - she has tweaked our sessions to fit bad days at work, bouts of back pain, etc. She’s also great fun and approachable and genuinely wants you to succeed in your goals. The two sessions i have with her are definitely high points of my week (something I’d never thought I’d say about exercise!). I couldn’t recommend her more.

Joana 2019


Training with Miriam has shown me that training can be fun (even when finding it tough). Miriam is understanding, motivational and interested in not just your health but you as a person. I first trained with a larger group and now two of us go once a week and it has allowed me to grow in confidence with workouts and at the same time build on my strength. I am doing things that I have always been too scared to attempt in the past. I would highly recommend her PT sessions.

Edwina 2020


I’ve been training with Miriam twice a week for 3 months and the experience has been fantastic! I was totally out of shape before I started and the thought of a personal trainer felt very intimidating, but Miriam and the small group that I train with put me right at ease! The sessions are motivating yet relaxed, it feels like a proper little community. With Miriam’s expert guidance and encouragement I’ve seen my fitness and exercise technique improve each week and I feel stronger, more confident and happier. Such a huge turn around in a short space of time, I really can’t recommend enough

Emma 2019


My first experience with a PT wasn't great (a pretty aggressive person back in London) but when I met Miriam she completely changed my view. She's a brilliant PT with a great energy and work ethic, she makes all of my sessions so fun that I actually leave my hour session with her wishing that it had been a bit longer.
As a client with multiple health issues (fibromyalgia, PCOS and joint hyper-mobility) it's always scary trying something new, especially when it's fitness related but Miriam is so mindful of my boundaries when creating my workouts. She also checks in with me throughout the week to see how I'm feeling and to encourage me on my weekly goals which is so important for me as I'm someone who needs accountability. I feel happier, healthier and genuinely excited to continue on with my fitness journey.

Sabrina 2020


Miriam is an amazing personal trainer and she is by far the best trainer I have worked with over the years. I started with Miriam 11 months ago and the goals we set at the start have been smashed, her training techniques, motivation and encouragement mean I now feel I have gained muscle mass and lost half a stone.

Miriam goes the 'extra mile' to help her clients attain their goal

Carole 2019


Heading 4

I have spent the last few months working with Miriam in her Covid Friendly Gym. I am very impressed with the way her training technique breaks down each exercise to a basic level. She takes time to ensuring you have mastered the basics before moving you on to heavier weights or more challenging exercises etc.

I am enjoying her training sessions immensely and her gentle motivation is keeping me going in order for me to reach my fitness goals.

I am already feeling stronger.

I would highly recommend Miriam as your next Personal Trainer.

Elaine 2020


I started training with Miriam in January 2020 at a time where I knew I needed to make some positive changes in my life. She has such an incredible work ethic and attitude towards her clients that encourages you to work hard, but with a nurturing approach (underneath the forcing another 5 bear crawls out of me, I know it’s there!).

She has created a fantastic environment in the gym and built an online community amongst her client base throughout the last few months whereby we have been able to support one another- even when many of us have never met!

Miriam is also so personable and takes time out of her day to check in on you as an individual too. She clearly knows her stuff when it comes to fitness, challenging you and helping you get the most out of your workouts but manages to still make the environment fun and enjoyable. Couldn’t recommend Miriam more! 

Jen 2020

Heading 4