For anyone who is thinking about getting back into exercise and looking for fun, friendly workouts with achievable weight loss outcomes I would recommend Miriam. She is warm and professional and genuinely wants to make a difference, always encouraging and happy to provide nutritional guidance as well. It's been a fantastic 3 months.


Never knew fitness could be so fun and comfortable! This lady is amazing!! I was always so nervous and uncomfortable going to gyms until I went here!! Not only does she help with fitness but also provides a wide range of heathy food recipes defo 5 star!! She knows her stuff!  


I cannot recommend Miriam and her PT service enough! Her knowledge is incredible and her passion is inspiring.
Miriam has created such a positive environment for her group clients and I have seen my fitness & confidence in exercising improve greatly whilst training with her.


I cannot recommend this amazing girl enough!! I have been having sessions with Miriam for over 3 months now and she has changed not just my body but my mindset towards eating and exercising. She’s patient with me when I’m struggling but kicks my backside into touch every single session and I leave feeling so positive and that ive worked really hard! She motivates me to keep going and remember my goals and her knowledge when it comes to training and conditioning your body is amazing! She’s became not just my personal trainer but my friend who I look forward to seeing week in, week out!


When I first started I had not long had surgery for an iliostomy and my self confidence was really , low but with Miriam's help I now feel better in myself fitness wise and I am now becoming more confident to do things I would never have dreamed off before , she's a star. 



It's been 2 years since I walked through those doors. I've discovered that one of my favourite things in life is lifting heavy weights.

I still take lots of medication but now my good days are outweighing the bad. I'm keeping everything crossed that this continues.

Going to the gym and being coached by Miriam is one of my favourite hours of the week, it's my hour and it means the world to me.

Would I recommend Miriam?
Absolutely and without a doubt.