Results & progress are rarely linear.

Now more than ever before it’s so important to follow an adaptable training plan.

Just like this set of rings - training plans need to be adjusted to each exercise you do and each person, But also your training plan should be adjusted and adapted for you at certain points in your life.

When we embark upon a training programme we always start off with best intentions: - Workout 5 x times a week - No chocolate or booze - Prioritise sleep and reduce stress

But what happens when life starts to get in the way? Unexpected long hours Poor nights sleep Sick kids Work deadlines

When these challenges appear its easy to stop making yourself a priority and forget about taking care of yourself and your health.

They get put on the back burner and you end up right back at square one again. This is where having a PT is worth its weight in GOLD!

Someone to help adapt your training to suit your current situation. No matter what that situation that is. Someone to hold you accountable - no matter what situation you are in.

Someone to keep you focused and determined so you achieve your goals - no matter what situation you are in. Photo Credit: Small Fish Brand

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