What is a ‘healthy habit’?

''A healthy habit is a behaviour that is beneficial to ones physical or mental health''

The past week I’ve been listening to a particular podcast every day and at the end of every episode she asks the guest to sum up their top 3 healthy habits that the incorporate into their daily routine. The more and more I listened to the podcast, the more I looked forward to hearing the healthy habits section, finding out how others go about making sure they are as healthy as they can possibly be in everyday life.

So I thought I would note down my own healthy habits in hope it will inspire you to create your own everyday health habits for a stronger, fitter and improved you!

Healthy Habit No 1

Enjoy Movement.

Find an exercise method you enjoy and your more likely to stick to it. If someone was to tell me that the only exercise I could do was running, id be a complete couch potato. This is simply because I don’t enjoy it. I love walking, but cannot run the length of myself so it’s a complete no-no for me in terms of exercise choice. The movement methods I really enjoy are strength training, uphill walking and cycling. Strength training has become a real passion of mine and something which I love to teach my clients.

I find it much easier to motivate myself to move when I know I’m going to enjoy what I am doing. So, my healthy habit tip for you would be to try out as many different exercise methods you can until you find one you really enjoy. There is some form of exercise class for every interest. Its just about giving them a try and seeing what really sticks with you.

Healthy Habit No 2

Prioritize Sleep

I think we all underestimate the power of sleep and the necessity of it in our daily lives. The more books and podcasts I listen to highlight the real importance of sleep, not only for our daily function but also for whole wellbeing. Sleep can affect how we eat and how much, how we move and our bodies ability to truly recover.

One healthy habit I have incorporated into my daily routine is to avoid caffeine before bed. I used to drink a cup of tea before bed every night without fail. I’ve always been a great sleeper and never had any issues falling asleep however I would often wake up feeling tired and sluggish, like I hadn’t slept at all.

For the past month I have been drinking Twinning’s Sleepy Tea before bed, the calming ingredients such as apple, vanilla and passion berry are so relaxing. It may be a total placebo, but I’ve noticed since I have incorporated sleepy tea into my bedtime routine I’ve had a much deeper sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Healthy Habit No 3

Food as Fuel

This is a habit I’ve been working on for a while and its more a mental habit than a physical one. For the past 3 months I’ve aimed to try and see food as fuel for the body rather than just concentrating on specific calories. Now, I’m well aware that calories matter in terms of overall weight loss and weight gain however I’m trying to view food as more than just something you eat and rather sources of fuel that can heighten your bodies daily function, improve your health and maybe even ward off illnesses and diseases.

This all came about when I finished a 9 week intense diet for a photoshoot. My body was depleted of all energy. I felt ill. I had breakouts. my skin looked dull and my overall body felt completely drained of absolutely everything. Why? Because I was simply just focusing on the calories and not the nutritional value of food.

Tracking my food also became a bit obsessive during the 9 weeks. I would worry if I had to go to an event with food as I couldn’t track it. I would view the menu online before we went anywhere to make sure I could eat something that would be within my calories. I truly believe that if I had to track food long term I would have ended up with some sort of eating disorder due to the obsessive nature of it all.

Since then, I have stopped tracking calories and have set about eating more mindfully. This means consciously thinking about the food I am eating and how I am eating it. I am now eating more fruit, tonnes of vegetables and I have added in more fish instead of chicken into my diet. Healthy fats such as nuts and avocado foods – in the past I would have avoided due to the high calorie count – are now a staple in my weekly shop.

So there you have it. My 3 healthy habits I have been incorporating into daily life for some time now. Its now time for you to look at how you want to improve your health and how you want to go about doing it with your own healthy habits.

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