Does your other half support your healthy eating regime?

It can be really difficult to stick to a healthy eating regime if you have constant nagging or persuasion to eat badly from your other half. If they are constantly coming home with takeaways or buying biscuits at the shop then its unlikely you’ll be able to stay away, unless you have immense will power. Mostly likely it will end in some sort of argument where you will either eat the unhealthy food and feel deflated about it, or cause friction in your relationship by not eating the food they have kindly brough home for you.

Don't worry, I've got some game changers here so you can limit the arguments and both get healthier!

Recently myself and my lovely fiancé (still feels odd saying that) have been encouraging each other to eat healthy and stay on track. We write out our meals for the week, organise and do the food shopping together and at the weekend we think of something tasty to eat and we make it from scratch. It keeps us on track but also its nice to do something together that is helping us stay healthy and fit.

At the weekend we make things like:

- Homemade Pizza

- Oven cooked potato wedges

- Homemade Fish and Chips

- Various Curries

- Fruit and Yoghurt pots for dessert

Having the support from the person you spend most of your time with will certainly help you stick to your goals and make you less likely to be led astray.

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