When I saw this photo from my honeymoon. I immediately thought.. "I can't post this, I don't have abs or defined muscles! As a Personal Trainer, I'm supposed to have those, aren't I? “

On one hand, I thought I shouldn't post this photo because people would judge me for it. Like it would make me less of a coach or fitness professional because I don't have a 6 pack or bulging biceps.

On the other hand, I thought "your a total hypocrite if you don't post real life images of yourself, you empower women to see past their body hangups but yet your criticising your own"

Social media and especially the fitness community fuels people's expectation of "perfect" bodies..#fitspo comes to mind 🙄and we live in a world where it seems only the best parts are shown and validated. And.. it seems I'm not exempt from that expectation also.

So I'm taking charge. 🖕expectations, ego and perfectionist can take a running f#ck to themselves.

This is me. I'm a Personal trainer wither I "look" like one or not, that's not my problem.

P. S - This was one of the happiest days of my life. So I think that's all that matters really ❤️

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