More and more I am seeing how exercise can help way more things than it gets credit for.

Exercise is seen by so many as just a tool to 'loosing weight'. While that is true and it can facilitate weight loss, there is SOOOOO many more reasons why you should exercise and why exercise is essential to your life.

Exercise can:

Improve your sleep

Improve your mental health

Improve your posture

Make you stronger for everyday activities such as bringing in the shopping

Make it easier to run for buses or walk your dog longer

Make it easier to get up and down stairs, or even just up and our of bed

Improve your body confidence

Improve your resistance to illnesses

Improve your current illness symptoms

Improve your bone density

Lower your heart rate and blood pressure

Boost your energy

Among a WHOLE host of other benefits.

So next time you think exercise is just about weight loss, think about the bigger picture.

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