Its not very often you hear this phrase.

However it can sometimes be helpful to think this way in terms of your health and fitness goals.

When life gets tough and things get a bit too much

I try to chat to my clients that - Rather than sacking everything off, and thinking 'ill start again on Monday' doing the bare minimum to get you by can actually equate to you making progress.

Here's some examples;

If you cant manage all of your strength workouts - do the bare minimum of hitting your steps for that day or even better a 20min weighted circuit at home

If you cant manage to prep all of your meals - do the bare minimum and at least make sure you have your next days meals organised and ready to go.

Your usual run too much? .. Try a shorter sprint session instead. .

Doing the bare minimum is better than nothing at all... So keep this in mind when life gets a bit tough..

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